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plush zara sofa review

Australia S Best Sofa You Can Reviews By Betterbed . The discusssion came right in time. If anyone is considering buying from Plush, note that its parent company Fantastic Holdings Limited (also owner of Fantastic Furniture) gave an enforceable undertaking to the ACCC a few years ago – the ACCC considered they had "engaged in false, misleading or deceptive conduct by representing that furniture goods referred to in catalogues, television advertisements and on its website were either wholly or predominantly upholstered in leather when, in fact, they were upholstered in wholly synthetic materials, "bonded leather" (also promoted as 'Eurohide" and "Pellissima"), or "combination leather"." I think Plush won't be around for many years and their 10 year warranty will become useless. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Furhaven Pet Dog Bed - Ultra Plush Faux Fur and Suede Pillow Cushion Traditional Sofa-Style Living Room Couch Pet Bed with Removable Cover for Dogs and Cats, Gray, Large at With its generous deep feather filled seating loose back cushions, the Zara is comfort on a grand scale. Bought the Melbourne sofa during their sale. After I read this thread I am worried but If what was shown as sample in store is what I will be getting I am happy man. Elegant and surprisingly affordable. The leather was actually fairly nice though, and held up fairly well (unlike the frame). Trousers with an elastic drawstring waistband, front pockets and ribbed trims. These are super comfy but might be difficult for grandma to get out of. Also, perhaps you could share the model of your sofa and link it if possible? So yes, very suspicious to say the least! Did you get someone to check? We bought a lounge that I'm quite happy with (it's about 6 years old now) I was surprised that the sales lady tried to push us toward the 'combination leather' with was bonded on back, side and around the base. I am certainly no leather expert. Also of note is the simple no-cushion design, which keeps the settee pleasingly clean-lined. Can you suggest any store who really sells genuine Leather? It will usually have creases and inperfections. So at least I have somewhat some certainty they will last 5 years. In which State did you contact Consumer Affairs? PLush ship sofas directly from cheaper asian countries like China... they do this to reduce costs by using chinese workers and cheaper materials, they also have a huge mark up on prices in AUD. You can buy more humane leather like aussie, british or italian all 3 the leather is a byproduct of beef industry. Thanks Shaggis. RE: Supa_Saiyan "Your baby spilt milk on a fabric couch and PLUSH team came to clean it??? great to see that you totally ignored my post above. Art Deco influenced, this offering from Made is all about feel-good glamour. I had one that had a "made in italy" tag on the base, but it was rubbish. It's currently sitting in our garage until the next hard rubbish so it can be binned! How do we know if we it is real leather and not some cheap material and be safe from scams? Avoid "split leather" or "bicast leather" (same thing).Ask if the 'leather' grade offered is all over the couch, not just parts thereof.Full grain or top grain, all over the product in writing or don’t buy a 'leather' lounge would be my advice. Hopefully if plush has lifted their game some of the others have too. Dare Gallery is guilty of the same crap material on their "leather" sofas, except it's made from bonded leather. Ended up with the next one down already has colour stripped in one spot from something, and we cant restore/fix. This seems to be a common complaint from people who have bought sofas from Plush – see their reviews at **UPDATE 5/13/19 I am still in love with our sofa and the Performance Velvet. Cheap low quality imports sold at inflated Aussie rip off prices. With its generous deep feather filled seating loose back cushions, the Zara is comfort on a grand scale. Yep, and that's why leather lounges these days are relatively cheap to buy. W: 225 x H: 84 x D: 100cm. masuzi June 20, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment 26 Views. If it is by-cast, as ours is made from, then it is mostly made from a plastic coating and is not made from external animal skin. This is their official response from head office re their leather: Many years ago Plush regrettably sold a sofa called the Brooklyn which was indeed Bicast leather, after a short period of time we realised that “Bicast” leather was not suitable for everyday usage and our brand, once this was discovered we quickly discontinued the range as we pride ourselves on our sofas that are made to last. This is our priciest pick by far but it is an investment piece that, thanks to its timeless design, will never look dated. Order a free fabric sample. Start a new thread of your own, stating your budget and the type of lounge that best suits your needs. I happened to casually mention this as we were buying a new sofa from leather republic who are also owned by the same company and they told me to check if I could get any refund. We got the Studio model in coastal leather which is supposed to be the best. be careful of the 10 yr warranty offered. Everyone that comes over and sits on our Zara leaves wanting one, and we're delighted to recommend Plush thanks to their great quality sofas and exceptional service. Choosing a sofa for your living space is quite the commitment. ours was in a zipped pouch in the bottom of the couches. The upholsterer took one look at the sofa and said it was bi-cast, normally they last only a couple of years, and cannot be repaired. My understanding is that bi-cast is made from a very thin layer taken from underneath the animal's skin (that remains after the leather-making process) and then giving it a thick plastic coating so that it can hold together. I emailed Plush this morning to clarify after getting a bit nervous I had been misled but I felt assuaged by their response. You have to be kidding!?! Well I'm not from Plush.I note your post count of 1 indicating that you have just crawled onto this website yourself. It does not mean it is 100% genuine natural leather – ours is made from by-cast rubbish. What good is a lifetime warranty if they close down! The salespeople want their commission so they won't tell customers that the "100% real, genuine leather" lounge they are admiring, is a heap of rubbish. Plush competition by any chance? If you’ve ever felt the crushing disappointment of your favourite sofa not fitting through the front door of your new flat, we fully sympathise. Unfortunately if you want better quality here you need to spend a fair bit more. I plan on soon writing a review of our Pottery Barn outdoor sectional once I wash and test it out a bit more. When one 50% off sale ends, the next 50% off sale begins! Are your leather sofas covered in genuine leather?Yes, all our leather sofas are covered in 100% genuine cowhide leather. Avoid "split leather" or "bicast leather" (same thing). Plush are leaving mountains of their own positive reviews on various websites like that are misguiding innocent buyers, these positive reviews are false and misleading. You want sturdy. Plush is out of list already. How did you find out your leather was bi-cast? ABC's checkout had a very good program on all the leathers available – should be able to view on their website. I am vego myself but i am realistic and try to educate people on where their money is going and what it is supporting. We were told by Plush that ours should last 20 years if we properly cared for it but it lasted barely 5 years. Visit the post for more. Had heavy use and even had a houseguest sleep in it for 6 months. I HOPE ACCC FIGURES THIS OUT SOON ENOUGH. We bought 2 Moran leather 3-seater sofas from their annual warehouse stock clearance about 9 years ago. We loved the simple, boxy shaping of this striking sofa: the back and armrests form one continuous line, which creates a comfy and enveloping seat to sink into. The warranties are now 10 years but back then I think they were four years. I was completely sold on this couch as it was very comfortable and is exactly the style I was after. It was a lot of money for a short lifespan. It does say 100% "Essential" leather in their catalogue : page 4I actually contacted consumer affairs about the misleading advertising, who promised to investigate, but since I didn't actually purchase it I left it at that. I was guaranteed by salesman that its genuine cow hide with premium quality leather. Plush say they have 5 years to leather warranty . So yes, very suspicious to say the least! It may be highly manufactured to look the same, but it is not the same. As you say, Gravedigger, this is all to fool their consumers. it says the warranty is only offered on selected leather sofas that are made in australia and for full leather only. Essentially, the sofas are made from one of the inferior materials that the sales assistant warned us against. From our experience, we won't be buying anything from them ever again. Please pour in your ideas and links to the websites. My recollection is that ours was also described as essential leather or something similar. THEY CONTINUE TO LEAVE THEIR OWN POSITIVE REVIEWS TO FOOL INNOCENT BUYERS LIKE MYSELF. I think they use various different grades of leather, and maybe I just got lucky. They have a template on how to leave the reviews. You want the best! I FIRST posted here 7 days ago. We were misled and deceived by Plush. I posted a topic on that store but no one replied. Will let you know how I go. I have no idea how these shops ever sell anything in between these sales – the prices are quite out there – and that seems to be with all of these large chain retailers such as Scali, Plush, King etc. Some times you'll realise that these sales assistants don't know better as well. Check the reviews for Plush on – there are a lot of complaints about sofas from Plush only lasting a few years before they start to split. Not happy about that, but otherwise very happy. Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals - Read our IndyBest guide to all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I first posted here about 2 years ago. The ACCC should have come down hard on these criminals at Toyota. Packaging dimensions 1:H57cm x W230 x D104cm. New couches now ordered. I have it in an email from them a week ago. But this discussion put me in dilemma. I've never seen Plush without a half-price sale of some sort. Do you think buying fabric or leather from plush is a big risk?. Here we have put together a review of the best sofas and couches on the market. I hope Consumer Affairs takes it seriously. Cameo Modular In 2020 Modular Lounges Plush Sofa Plush Furniture All I can be sure of is its not bonded leather or some cheap plastic leather but i am no expert. This one’s ideal for a diminutive living space but is equally at home in a dressing room or boudoir. Considering just how many bad reviews I've seen, I wouldn't touch Plush sofas with a barge pole. It’s a furniture piece that sees a lot of heavy use, whether you’re curling up in front of your favourite boxset, relaxing with a well earned cuppa or indeed catching a sneaky 40 winks mid-afternoon. I wouldn't say a retail chain like Plush is immune to going belly-up – it happens to the biggest retail giants. Jan 19, 2020 - Comfort on a grand scale. This contemporary sofa features plush velvet upholstery that is both classy and sumptuous against your skin, 2 large individual seat cushions and curved arms creating a perfect, modern piece for your home. We got caught with the "reconstituted" leather when we bought 2 sofas from Freedom furniture, however when I called customer service they were really helpful. Classic in design, it offers luxuriously plush seating, instantly upping the cosy feel of any living room set-up. Divano Roma Furniture is home to one of the plush leather reclining sofas and this bonded leather double recliner sofa is one of them.

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