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water vending machine price

Shipped Anywhere in the World! The price of coin operated vending machine setup cost about INR 10,00,000 to INR 12,00,000 depending on water filtering capacity. WaterTH by Swiss Thai Water Solution Co.,Ltd. Air Purifier for protect yourself and your family, Accessories Parts for UV and Ozone Sterilizer, APF – For the Best Coagulation and Flocculation, AFM® – Unique Bio-Resistant Activated Filter Media, NoPhos – Without Phosphate Algae Can’t Grow, ACO Active Catalytic Oxidation – Swimming Pool Solutions. There will always be strong demand for refurbished soda and beverage vending machines providing caffeinated beverages and energy drinks. Hook it … Production capacity: 1500 liters per day. You can check credit purchased or credit remaining on machine control board through RS-485 port. Water Vending Machine is also known as “Water ATM”; a coin-operated water RO (Reverse Osmosis) machine that can be installed at any Public/Private place to deliver “Healthy drinking water” at most affordable prices and convenience. The machines need only your WATER, ELECTRICITY & routine parts replacement to SELL your product 24 hours a day, 7days a week! 20 years of experience in manufacturing water vending machines, we have been trusted by clients in 38 countries around the world. 1 Set (Min. Manufacturer of Water Vending Machines With RO Plants - ATM Based RO Plant, RFID Card ATM Machine, Water ATM with RO Capacity 500 LPH and Coin Operated Water Vending Machine offered by Adwyn Chemicals Private Limited, Delhi. 4 Lot Vtg Condom Vending Machine Decal Sticker Water Slide 25¢ cent Water Slides. Aqua Products manufactures the BEST water vending machines! Includes a chilled option for the snack side keeping your chocolates from melting. Vending machine manufacturers may be able to offer financing to help those with limited money get started. Refers to MACHINE to MACHINE systems built in for local data logging and RS-485 port for communication with PC or Networking. Our vending machines are listed with the City of Los Angeles Electrical & Mechanical Test Labs for safety. (This site updated November 4,  2019 19:16 PST). FOB Price: US $ 800-1930 / Piece. $16.91 shipping. Water vending machine is a devise to dispense chilled drinking water, operates with Re.1 and Rs.5 coin as well as Smart card. Order: 1 Piece Combo System with ICE Vending Machine and Cold Water Vending Machine in one. Public health, agriculture and military agencies widely accept the NAMA certification. You can refund credit remaining back to PC through RS-485 port. You can interface your PC system to our water vending machine through RS-485 port or communication on internet networking. Selling Mineral water or Alkaline water or Flavored water. We can cover the cabinet with Stainless Steel. Water flow sensor control vend. Just like our vending machines, each system is tailored specifically to YOUR needs. Automatically inject and mix flavoring extracts. For sale in Florida- this is a 2016 Everest bagged ice and water vending machine. Do you want extra protection from vandalism? Single dispenser Dual dispenser A water vending machine is a great source of revenue with minimal investment and operation involvement. Many makes and models from reputable brands to choose from. Special prices on used soda vending Machines. Designed and manufactured in conformity with the public health requirements set forth in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Public Health Service Model Food Code. Watch the video . They argue that while free machines are available only during working hours, the vending machines … Type: Foods,Daily Products,Condom,Snacks. MAXIMIZE INCOME POTENTIAL: IHA’s three models of ice & water vending machines allow you to maximize the earning potential of your location. ... We used them to sell a few of our vending machines...they always got the price we were asking. Xingtai Dingyuan Energy … Do you want a machine for shipment to a foreign country? The company operates more than 7,000 machines in California and more than 14,000 nationwide and maintains its water is safe. There are many other small innovations that we have learned over the ten years in the vending business that are incorporated in Aqua Products machines. If you are looking for a business opportunity with HIGH PROFIT MARGIN, you can't do much better than selling Drinking Water! Keep up to 99 cents out of every $1.00 sold! 24 watching. The Combo vending machines feature various selections of snacks and beverage options along with credit card capabilities. Water ATM Can be installed at: Public & Private Places . 499 vending machines for sale - We offer the largest and most varied selection of used and refurbished vending machines in the US and Canada! RS-485 interface port, Baud rate: 9600bps. Each machine contains a complete R/O (Reverse Osmosis) treatment system and an Ultraviolet Sterilization System. The Countertop Countertop Bevi’s hidden beauty lies in the fact that its plumbing and hardware are integrated into your kitchen’s base cabinets, leaving only the sleek, compact dispensing unit visible on the countertop. What is the need for coin operated vending machines? Stainless Steel bottle shelves, 304 grade. You can check credit counters through RS-485 port. Whether you need just a few hundred gallons a day to over 10,000! Many machines are even still new in boxes at super low prices. By utilizing our years of experience, we bring forth a qualitative array of Coin Operated Water Vending Machine that has a coin mechanism, controller, flow sensor. Water Vending Machines. One vend button to start and pause water dispensing. These candy machines are intended to suit all sizes and sorts of … Please inquire. Sell Water for Profit! Order) 4 YRS. Glacier Water is the state's biggest operator of water-vending machines. For more information about this great looking Dixie Narco Aquafina water vending machine or our other used vending machines for sale feel free to call us now! Watch. We here at Aqua Products feel that we have the BEST state-of-the-art water vending machines and systems on the market. Price: 45000 INR (Approx.) Our water vending machines use reverse osmosis for filtering and also add a hint of minerals.They are located in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, so that you can access pure water 24/7 at a reasonable price. Min. *Note: Profit estimate claimed above assumes that machine basis and other start-up costs are amortized over several years and that sales levels, typical at most locations, will occur. 2 stages Post-filtration: 5 micron carbon block filter, UV sterilizer ; UV Intensity @1m: 53µW/cm²/Sec. Water Vending Machine Large Capacity Beverage Water Pizza Food Vending Machine With Touch Screen For Underpass Shop Supermarket US $3600-$3800 / Set 5 Sets (Min Order) With our experience, we can solve many difficult problems, such as these. Typical WATER & ELECTRICITY UTILITY RATES throughout the U.S. make YOUR COST of the product sold (drinking water) to well under a PENNY per GALLON! Machine Type: Semi-Automatic. The AquaCafé ® brings the best of both worlds together with a sleek and stylish unit that integrates a bottom-load water cooler with a single-cup coffee brewer configured for K-Cup ® pods. High-Quality Stainless Steel Water Vending Machine Products (Stainless Steel 304 grade.). KI810 Ice & Water Vending Machine The KI810 is the original Kooler Ice machine. We make it SO fast & easy to buy discount vending machines for vending operators of every type, for every vending location. If water vending machines are so unhealthy, why are they so popular in supermarkets? Afen Healthy Food Mini Water Snack Drink Vending Machine with Competitive Price. Dimension: width 72, length 72, high 190cm, Dimension: width 72, length 72, high 195cm, Special model: Stainless Steel, 304 grade. Completed with RS-485 code for make PC communication. All water vending machines are built to order. Here’s what they said: Water vending machines are a “no work” profit center for supermarkets. Various High-Quality Wall Mounted Water Vending Machine (Stainless Steel 304 grade), Window-Mount Water Vending Machine. Environmental Condition: Indoor. Production capacity: 3000 liters per day. Watch. Bevi machines also feature touchless dispensing. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback Your vending business can become a destination that you will grow over time, or your existing location can be expanded to maximize earning potential. The machine provides 24x7 access to safe drinking water at the price of a few coins. Has a Scotsman Prodigy 1848 ice maker which makes 1909 lbs of ice a day, a 600lb ice bin, and a 5 stage ultra water filtration system. Always The BEST PRICES and HIGHEST QUALITY for Coin/Bill/Coupon/Token Operated Water Vending Machines, Water Dispensers and Water Purification Equipment - The Water Vending Machine! 4 stages Pre-filtration: 150 mesh screen filter, Reverse Osmosis system: Standard model with R.O membrane, Salt rejection 98%, Special model with Nano membrane salt rejection 40-50%. $3.00 shipping. Also opposing the bill are the makers of the air and water vending machines some stations use. Our window water vending machine or mounting unit comes with built-in final GAC and UV filtration, coin and bill acceptor, and heavy duty stainless steel. We can build it so that it works on that country's electric system! Min. Manufacturer of Water Vending Machines - Water Vending Machine- water ATM, RoWater Vending Machine-, Water ATM offered by Green Aqua Enviro Projects Private Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana. This offers a safe option for customers at businesses or people in public places of quality water at a walkable distance. Water filling speed: 10 liters per minute. $5,495.00. High-Quality Sparkling Water Vending Machine, Carbonated water, Soda water with Flavored water vending machine. Special model: MDB vending controller, MDB coin acceptor with changer, Bill acceptor with coin acceptor/changer. *. Our water vending machines models RO-300BZ and RO-300AZ are NAMA CERTIFIED. Rs 2 Lakh/ Piece Get Latest Price. Order Quantity: 1 Set. Payment: Coin,Paper Money,Credit Card. Aqua Products can build it for you. Brand: adwyn. Dimension: width 57, length 72, high 170cm. USA made water vending machines since 1991 from $795 up, RO available, In or outdoors, free standing, wall mount, FREE CATALOG Aqua Products is proud to have built hundreds of R/O SYSTEMS, both large and small, to serve Retail Water Stores, Hotels, Restaurants and many businesses. Commercial R/O Water Treatment Systems for Retail Water Stores, Hotels, and other businesses. As the owner of a business, you are responsible for the quality and taste of the drinking water you supply to your customers. Typical WATER & ELECTRICITY UTILITY RATES throughout the U.S. make YOUR COST of the product sold (drinking water) to well under a PENNY per GALLON. We'll work hard to match or beat the price of our competitors' used vending machines for sale. January 7th, 2020. Standard model: Multi-coin acceptor, pulse interface. Get Latest Price. US $1219-$3779 / Set. As with other vending machines, candy machines can also vary in price based on whether the unit is refrigerated and the technology it uses to vend items. We also can insure that the coin or bill acceptor units can handle the country's currency. Dual Water Vending Machine contains Two Vending chamber and Payment systems for 2 customers at the same time to increase your sales opportunity. Assisting the water provider; Why this generation loves purified water opportunities; Underrated benefits of purified water stations; Health Benefits of Purified Spring Water Vending Machines; The Technical Efficiency of our Water Vending Machines - ALL CURRENCIES All Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Stand Alone, Dual Vending, Window Vending Machines Send Email Call 08046039686 77% Response Rate To answer this question, we approached a water vending machine seller directly. NOTE: If you find a better price for this water vending machine please let us know. Chilled Flavored Water Vending Machine,  up to 6 flavored tank maximum. It is up to you, we provide flexibility. You can turn off machine through RS-485 port. There are over 30 models available for selection, and we can customize from your request (OEM). We as a prime manufacturer, dealer and service provider make an extensive variety of Coin Operated Water Vending Machine . Therefore you can tailor your machine to fit YOUR needs! Most popular automatic commercial purified water vending machine with coins and ic card 200liters/food grade 304 stainless steel. This machine is made from superior stainless steel corrosion resistance and protected again dust, weather, and bacteria. We can even build and ship our systems, ready to work practically ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of water vending machine, coin-operated water vending machine and water ATM machine as per client requirement. Adwyn Coin Operated Water Vending Machine. Prices can start as low as $1500 for a simple or used machine and run as high as $8,000 or more on the high end. Standard vending machines that sell basic prepackaged foods cost between $1,500 and $5,000, while specialized vending machines that serve hot food can cost as much as $20,000. Water filling speed: 10 liters per minute. Aguavida has developed an innovative and unique business model, water stores equipped with an amazing water treatment system. Our hi-tech machines feature such items as John Guest fittings, which require no tools for tubing changes or parts replacement, to Brass pumps, bill-validators, all stainless steel hardware, stainless steel front and side vandal covers, to an electronic digital timer which is accurate down to 1/100 of a second. Water Vending Machine (EWVM-1500) Production capacity: 1500 liters per day. $12.99. Function: Insulation. Order: 1 Piece. Portable Water Purifier Machine Water Vending Machines for Sale Purified Water Purified Water Vending Machine FOB Price: US $ 3368-9868 / Piece Min. AquaCafé ® Bottled Water Cooler & Single-Cup Coffee Brewer All-in-One. We even can make the machine dispense water by a remote button, operated by an attendant or business owner where no coins or currency are used.

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