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how to notch a fiddle leaf fig tree for branching

Sorry to hear it’s been a bit of an overwhelming process for you. A plant lacking in light isn’t as likely to branch well. Hello! Thank you for any help. It’s up to you how much you want to pinch the top buds out. Should I cut back the dried part of the stem? The two cuts should be made within 1-2mm of each other, to remove a slither of the trunk. wikiHow's Fiddle leaf figs are a relatively low maintenance plant that can add some natural, tropical vibes to your home. It’s been awhile and i just haven’t seen new leaves growing from the top. THanks again! There are a few dormant brown buds on the side of the trunk, right below those? FLFs need enough energy stored when pruned to push out multiple new growth. And it’s on my window sill that gets medium light. Keep in mind that usually two new branches will sprout wherever you cut. Then one day I was in Home Depot saw those leaves from afar in the plant section. Pinching and notching should both be done near the beginning of or in the middle of the growing season. Bloomscape's resident plant mom and founder's actual mom, Joyce Mast, gives us the tricks to keep this incredible plant healthy. FLFs are epiphytes in nature, so they often have aerial roots that help support them by growing on other trees. Our fiddle leaf fig loves its corner, but it's now getting too tall for my liking. Hi! Some fiddle leaf figs are actually a cluster of plants in one pot. Notching involves cutting the plant, but to be clear, you will not be pruning. You could plant it back in the same pot once it has roots, however the newly propagated piece may have slightly different water and care requirements until it gets established. I’ll let you know how it goes thanks again xx. I post lots of plant tips and FLF updates on Instagram – come follow along! I purchased a fiddle leaf fig in 2017. Hi Aubri! This will help the plant adjust to being repotted before pruning. Cover the pot with a plastic bag, secure it and place it in a shady area. When you cut the 6″ branch, was there sap from the cut? However there are some factors that can hinder branching, so it’s best to make sure you address these things for the best chance of branching. How far down can I prune and still propagate as well? Purchased our Fiddle several weeks ago, and there has been no new growth, or signs of growth. It’s summer time here in Cali and it’s located in the same spot it always has been with good amount of light (SE facing window). But they don’t have to – if the environment is good they will continue to grow! To counteract this, place your plant outside to give it the best chance of storing energy and creating new growth. So for the best chance of activating multiple dormant buds, you’ll want to target a section on your FLF that has buds close together. My friend gave me a cutting and I placed in water for months, It did great and I finally transplanted it into a pot. Even with the right sunlight and water levels, it can be impossible for any indoor gardener to grow a healthy tree. It looks healthy but all the leafs are pointed down. These three methods include water … Hey Emily, Notching can be tricky to get right without cutting too deep into the plant, or accidentally decapitating it altogether! You’ll notice your Fiddle Leaf Fig has a brown-cased bud at the top. It is growing horizontally now and I have it tied to a pole to help it stand. Click to read exactly how to do each one! I plan to repot in a pot 2-3 inches bigger. How long it takes to see results can depend on the plants’ environment, the season and also its general health. However if it’s summer where you are, I would maybe try giving it some more light to help it grow. Oct 11, 2020 - Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants sometimes come with many issues. Because I wanted to get multiple branches when pruning, I put my FLF outside a few weeks before I pruned. She has some leaves that are really bad but her bottom leaves still look really good. How cool of air can an FLF tolerate at night? I have a question about the leaves that were on it when it was purchased. Please help. Add the remaining soil around the root ball until the soil is about two or three inches from the top. Notch your fiddle leaf trunk to encourage it to grow new branches. She shrugs and buys the thing, assuming it will magically transform it into a lovely tree someday. Thank you very much…that’s exactly what I needed to know. I have tried previously with no success but I think it was not cutting deep enough and plant not healthy. The new branches will but beneath the top leaves of your tree. The plant’s owner is delighted. If you wanted to wait until the top grew out more, you could then prune it underneath the new growth at the height you would like it to branch and propagate the top piece! Hey Emily. . Or you've had your indoor tree for a few years already but would like to take it's growth to the next level. Copyright © echo date(Y);?> Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Moisture Meter, Fiddle Leaf Fig Notching 101: When, Why, and How to Encourage Branching (With Before and After Pictures), a local retailer that may sell one of these charming indoor trees, into a tree shape takes intentional work from you, they were responding well to my home office. I will follow your advice for getting the other branch to grow. How often it dries out will depend on a bunch of factors, which is why it’s best to just use your finger to check In terms of fertilizer, it’s better to use less than more too, if you are unsure. To my surprise, the branching technique did more than simply create branches. Buds can also grow from these areas. I would stick to a fertilizer that has the 3:1:2 ratio for your FLFs – they won’t need any other type of fertilizer on top of that , Hi Emily, Notching is generally the best way although it sounds like your plant may not be mature enough for it to be successful – so you may need to wait until the stems turn woody & brown. I watched the video of Claire Akin FLF Plant Resource and saw that she recommended her products that she had formulated, both food and fertilizer. I rinsed all outer soil off and got probably 30% of soil off the main root ball and loosens as much as I could with fingers. Do not remove any bark. -Putting it outside. I thought it was dying but now it’s sprouting several leaves at the bottom, the very base of the tree by the soil. That’s great that your FLF is growing even during winter. So I’ll share what I think has helped to get more branches: Here’s a post on encouraging growth that will have some more tips for you on getting it to grow. Now lets propagate and make some more fiddle-leaf fig trees. Thanks. In her latest book, Benefit of the Debt (April 28, 2018), Miller offers a unique perspective that gives fresh insight into common sources of brokenness within Christian marriages. At one point all the leaves fell off. Use it if you don’t want to reduce the height of your fiddle leaf. Or, a group of leaves that are close together. I purchased “fiddle leaf fig” fertilizer thru Amazon. A fiddle-leaf fig tree houseplant will outgrow your house. Hey Kayla, if you’d like branches in the middle then your plant will probably need to be encouraged to grow them there with notching, as they don’t often naturally branch like this. In other words, where were the branches I was supposed to start seeing? Thanks so much! So glad to hear your FLFs are doing well with the fertiliser I have experienced just one new branch growing from pruning too, but have recently pruned one of my FLFs and it looks like there’s three new buds growing on two branches of the same plant (six altogether)! I would like to prune it so it grows more branches instead of one long one. You can always prune the other branches back if they grow too far, too , Hi I live in Toronto Canada and wondering if I should wait to notch my FLF. Notching a Fiddle Leaf Fig may seem scary but it shouldn’t be! Answer: Take control of the ornamental fig's … Because your FLF is so tall, I would recommend pruning it to encourage branching. I live at a place where we have same weather all year long, I have it by the window where it gets a lot of sunlight (I’ve tried to move it farther from there but seems to not like it) All the best! wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. Also known as Ficus lyrata, fiddle leaf figs can grow up to 10 to 15 feet or more inside your home, says Lisa Eldred Steinkopf of The Houseplant Guru. Hope that helps . How to Notch Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for Branching | Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center - Duration: 6:49. Just above a leaf or where a leaf used to be is a good spot . Would you recommend that I pinch off the top? Here’s a guide to soil & repotting that has all the info you might need if you do repot . How Fast Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Grow? My fiddle leaf tree is approximately 11 years old and 11 ft. tall. My question is for fertilizer. The difference is that pruning is the removal of unwanted, unneeded, dead, or dying material. Before You Begin. Cut around 1/3 of the way across the trunk and around 1/3 deep, at an angle. I would think that the fact that yours has done it all on its own means it is healthy and happy! I bought it in late Fall so maybe I got it just as it was slowing down for the winter. At the top of your main stem is a growing tip from which new leaves will emerge. At what stage does it have to be exactly? My tree is already a lot taller than I think it should be where it branches. I have a very tall FLF. Notching is a method of encouraging a Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch that doesn’t involve removing any height off the plant. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely new leaves will grow back in their place, so if you are ok with the bare trunk look, that’s totally ok! There’s no harm to this! Fig plants are easy to propagate in water. Can I prune the old leaves off? The above methods have a great success rate of growing branches. Last year I travelled overseas with my university and my boyfriend forgot to water my beautiful fiddle leaf. Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on and about creativity, travel & style. Hi Emily, Thanks so much! The leaves started getting brown and falling due to overwaterig (I learned this after). Another thing to look out for is how close together the ‘nodes’ are. Well, the top foot is doing beautifully…the lower three feet is simply a trunk. My tree is looking sad and bare with a lot of the trunk now exposed. Would love to hear how you go! It makes so much sense. I usually trim a length of 3-4 leaves off my fig tree at a time. Another process is called notching, where you make a small cut into the trunk just above a bud you want to branch. I find the best spot to make a cut is right below a leaf. I also successfully propagated from the cutting thanks for the tip! Not all of them are guaranteed to work. It was about 80cm when I bought it, now it’s about 1.2 metres, and over the year it has put on approximately fourteen leaves. Brown spots, infections, watering issues, fertilization, and more. Do not remove any bark. Try to prune in the spring or early summer. They are pretty thin and lanky and are having a hard time growing upwards. What would cause this and will a new limb growing out of these notched areas? These not only help to strengthen them but also help it have the beset conditions possible to grow multiple branches. They are a small, warm climate tree that can grow almost anywhere, with some fig varieties surviving in temperatures down to 10 to 20 degrees F. (-12 to -6 C.). It will also depend on how much light the plant is getting, how healthy it is and if it is actively growing. If it’s too hard to break off with fingers, you can also use a pair of cutters. Myra. Dropping everything and running to her local nursery or home improvement store, she arrives to find a few dozen small, bush-looking plants. Keep in mind that usually two new branches will sprout wherever you cut. My tree has lost most of its leaves on the lower half and has a lot of brown spots; all the newer leaves growing on top are large and green and healthy. -Season – the growing season is crucial for pruning and getting good results as this is when (again) they’ll have the most energy to put towards branching. So try to envision how your plant would look with more branches growing out from the place where you prune. If you’ve had experience with any type of hedge or vine-like plant, you’ll know that pruning is necessary to get lush and bushy growth. This trains the tree for optimal growth in a garden or orchard setting. It is now over 9 feet tall and has many big, beautiful branches. Fiddle leaf fig plants are sold as trees or bushes. The tree was reasonably tall so all the lower leaves died and fell off. How to notch your fiddle leaf fig. What can I do to bring back the top leaves? For your fiddle leaf fig, be sure to pick up the following essentials: Premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Potting Soil; Root Rot Treatment; Houseplant Leaf Armor to protect against insects, bacteria, and fungus (As an added bonus, it also cleans and adds shine to … Almost two years later, my fiddle-leaf fig is thriving. Hi! You’ll want to get a sharp pair of pruning shears because dull tools or scissors can crush the stems and damage your plant. "Its large, shiny, fiddle/violin shaped leaves make this architectural plant unique and one of the most popular houseplants on the planet," she says. They are smallish and dry looking compared to the very healthy new leaves that seem to be growing weekly. When I bought my plant from Home Depot in October 2017, it was a sad little neglected mess, and having read about how difficult this plant was to care for, I figured we would have a challenging and short life together. My FLFs get a few hours each day of direct light, which I think really helps their growth. This is natural and they don’t need to be removed, but they may fall off when they’re ready. Let me know if you have any more questions after reading! Aug 5, 2019 - If you own a fiddle leaf fig tree, you've probably thought about what you can do to get it to grow new branches. Thank you! My fiddle leaf fig is about 3.5 tall. Scientific name: Ficus Lyrata Synonyms: Fiddle leaf fig. This sounds severe but FLFs are quite resilient and can grow back from even having zero leaves. I’m more confused than anything because the plant is not getting worse, just painfully the same! It was reported it about a few months ago so I’ll just try and wait it out for warmer days. Hi Emily, It’s one long trunk and has grown to about 7 feet! Would love to hear how you go , Thanks so much! Should I cut right below the dry stem? It hasn’t done ANYTHING for months now. A Fiddle Leaf Fig struggling to find nutrients may not respond as well to pinching, notching or pruning. My husband just found some very tall healthy ones at our Lowe’s, but tall and skinny isn’t my favorite look! I get it, browning fiddle leaf fig leaves don’t exactly scream beautiful. Notching a fiddle leaf fig tree encourages the tree to develop a branch at that location. The fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata or FLF for short) surely can be ranked as the houseplant of the decade.Its popularity seems perennially strong, thanks … Can you discuss use of FLF plant food versus FLF fertilizer. Do you think notching would encourage any growth at this point? It has some tips for ensuring the trunk grows strong and straight. Sometimes, this sort of 'damage' will induce the stem to make a branch. . Or, if you don’t mind it taking time for your FLF to grow back, you could even hard prune it back to where you’d like it to start producing leaves again. Dormant buds live where leaves meet the stem. Not one but! Thanks!! It has done amazingly well towards the top but I currently have it propped to support the weight of the leaves. Thank you! Oct 30, 2019 - If you want your Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch, try these three simple methods - pruning, notching and pinching. Thanks so very much, Thank you for your reply. It involves cutting off the stem of your Fiddle Leaf Fig at the height you’d like branches to grow from. I’m sure it will put out new growth from the top when it is ready If you don’t want the lower growth, you can always cut it off and try propagating it. It’s devastating to spend $100+ on a houseplant only to kill it a few weeks later! My question for you that I’m hoping you might have some insight to, is that my FLF tree has 3 branches, however one of them seems to have stopped growing leaves. The newest top branch off of the main stem is dying too. Grow lights can help your plant produce energy and even get them growing throughout winter. With it’s famous broad and glossy leaves, as well as the ability to grow as large as a tree (and form many different shapes), there’s something retro and fab and bold about the fiddle leaf … Also how often should I give my fig fertilizer? They were thriving. Is there any way to encourage leaves to grow Underneath the cluster of leaves? Pruning down closer to the fork may mean you’ll have a short stubby tree temporarily, but keep in mind that pruning does encourage branching. I am just wondering how I can change this or some steps I can take to get some sturdier trunks. Please help , Hi Shannon! Leaves edges are also not straight. We live in a high dessert, so the days are warm and sunny, but the nights are cool. Fiddle leaf figs are hungry plants and their growth can stall once their soil is exhausted. Hey Rana, sounds like your FLF is doing well for growing so soon! My problem is that it has a very skinny trunk about the size of my pointer finger and it’s about 4 feet tall; However, the 10 leaves are all clustered at the top and it looks silly. Natalie, Hey Natalie, that pot size sounds like it would be perfect for repotting. Use a pair of clean and sharp cutters, or a razor if your FLF has a thinner trunk. The size of all indoor plant depends on … Fiddle-leaf figs, or Ficus lyrata, are related to rubber trees, weeping fig trees, and other members of the Ficus family—which also includes the common fig grown for its fruit, Ficus carica. Thank you. That branch also had two smaller branches and there are 3 other areas that also had branches but were cut back. I have repotted this plant once about two years ago and it did fine. I am hoping I have another branch forming. Thank you for taking the time of writing. Or, you may only see one new branch (instead of two or three), making your plant lopsided and not at all what you envisioned. Thanks a lot! Thank you . Instead of pulling the leaf off the stem, wait for the tree to naturally drop the affected leaves. Buy Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food on Amazon Now! Thanks Emily! I have a young FLF and it just grew 2 new branches since I got it a few weeks ago… i have a couple of concerns: The best thing to do is put it in a bright window and leave it be Fiddle Leafs don’t like change so sometimes less is more with these plants! To turn a fiddle leaf fig from a bush into a tree shape takes intentional work from you, the plant’s caregiver. Click here for the full notching tutorial video. There isn’t a lot you can do apart from that about the burnt ones! Hope that helps! The main way to propagate a fiddle leaf fig tree is by taking a cutting from the stem. I usually trim a length of 3-4 leaves off my fig tree at a time. Hey Paula, glad the blog could be helpful I’ve actually written a post all about encouraging new growth here, so I hope you’ll find some answers to your questions in it! It’s about 4 feet tall and after buying it, it dropped a couple leaves as expected and experienced some browning after fertilizing it (whoops). A sharp craft knife may give you more control over the notch than a pair of cutters, Make the notch directly above a leaf or node. In the last 2 years his growth has slowed a lot and he has pale leaves. All the best . You found your Fiddle Leaf, but you found it small. I have killed a couple of them previously but I am desperately trying to get the hang of keeping my new beauty alive and hopefully help it to thrive! Keep in mind they can’t regrow single leaves where they’ve been lost, they can only activate dormant buds that will become branches. , Hi Emily, thanks so much for this content. Thank you SO much for all the great info!! Will it be ok to use it that way? Otherwise they’ll still be creating energy for the plant and it’s better to leave them on the plant. Thank you! Dip the cut end of the branch stem into the rooting hormone, mist it until it is wet, and place it in a plastic bag. I don’t want it branch out any further. An antique cane back chair, modern white side table and fiddle leaf fig tree create an inviting, eclectic corner sitting area. Hi Emily, I came to your article trying to figure out what’s happening to my FLF. It makes me sick to my stomach. Also check the roots. It’s starting to lean because of the weight up top. Like most starters, they were about 2 feet tall. The tips on notching in this post should help with encouraging growth on the lower half! The top 3ft are very healthy but the bottoms 5ft have lost all their leaves. Required fields are marked *. A few months later, I saw they were responding well to my home office (a sunroom-type space), watering regimen, temperature, and relational climate. You found your Fiddle Leaf, but you found it small. We all know the story…the hapless home decorator falls in love with a fiddle leaf fig and hops online to find a local retailer that may sell one of these charming indoor trees. How you go about pruning fiddle leaf fig will largely depend on your personal preference. Hey Lindsey, I have found that FLFs seem to grow in bursts but that is a bit of a long time with no growth! It seems like I would be left with a short stubby tree?? Pinching is similar to pruning, except you won’t need to use a pair of cutters. I know tree like fiddles are “in” right now but I’m concerned that it’s going to be way too top heavy to support itself..,.and mine isn’t very tree like yet..more like a skinny trunk with a little burst of green leaves!! Fig trees will produce well for about 15 years. If it were mine, I would make a small nick with a sharp knife about 4" above soil level. (OK, just kidding about that last one.) Prune just above a leaf – dormant buds (nodes) sit at the point where a leaf meets the stem. I’m a new owner of a beautiful FDL but sadly, during transport and getting acclimated to my new home (and a bit of overwater I’ve just learned), I’ve lost some leaves in the past couple of weeks either by falling off on their own or being removed due to root rot (browning). Tip pruning – pinch or cut off a few leaves. I can send you photos to show you where I’m cutting (very close to multiple dormant buds) x, Hey Michelle! Fiddle leaf fig notching is the answer. The fig tree has been around for a long time; archeologists have found evidence of its cultivation that dates back to 5,000 BC. Is there anything I can do to help this situation? … Then, using a sharp knife, I made a 1/8″-deep cut into the trunk of the plant just above that node. Once you get the hang of watering and it has settled in the rest will fall into place! Pinching a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. After also feeding with fertilizer, new growth of 2 stems started growing I’ve noticed lately that the top of the main stem started out and now progressing down. Nodes are the almost-imperceptible thickening of the trunk located between leaves. If they turn into brown spots or patches, you can find more info on what the brown spots might be here. First, locate the newest growth on top of your fiddle leaf fig plant. It’s close to 5′ but has a branch stem about 2′ up that I cut back as it had lost all the leaves when I brought it in. Myra, Hey Myra, from what I can see, Claire has a specific Fiddle Leaf Fertilizer product and then an ‘indoor plant food’ product for general house plant use. There are 3 trunks. i went ahead and put in a few notches in the middle of the trunk. I don’t think you need to to anything – it will grow once its settled and provided it has enough light! Branches won’t grow in the same place if you cut one off, although it may help to activate nearby dormant buds. It’s definitely a more experienced method that can give mixed results. I think my FLT loved my home because it has a new leaf in just 1 week, growth super fast, I just want to do the best to keep it pretty as it is now. Any info would be much appreciated! About a month ago, I noticed that a new branch started to form all on its own. Over this summer I pruned both plants and for some reason I only get one branch stemming off… I tried again two weeks ago and again only one new branch. The fertilizer is 3-1-2. more info on what the brown spots might be her, info on specific fertilizer for fiddle leafs, How to Strengthen a Leaning Fiddle Leaf Fig, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Terracotta Candlescape, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Clay Star Drink Stirs, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Large-Scale Wrapping Paper, A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog), Wipe off any sap with a clean paper towel. Hey Susan! I want it to grow but nothing seems to work. Instead, small cuts or ‘notches’ are made up and down the stem or trunk to encourage new growth to form further down the plant. It is possible to grow a new fiddle leaf fig tree by simply pulling a leaf off and placing it in water. Hey Linoy, you can try notching if the trunk is woody and brown to get new growth lower down. If its quite viney and has lots of space between the leaves, it sounds like it needs more light. However it can take longer, and will take even more time for the new leaves to bloom, depending on environmental conditions. Fresh air and air circulation around the plant can also assist in growing branches. Two weeks ago I pinched the two dormant buds on top. I appreciate any help you can offer! And just to make sure, notching is ok even if there aren’t any leaves where I need to notch? Is there anything I can do to encourage this branch to grow new leaves? If you’d like your plant to be more even and for the other branches to grow more, it might pay to prune the leading branch back to lower than the others. hi tamara! Like other houseplants, fiddle figs are prone to bacteria, mildew, insect infestations, or drought. Hey Alli, it can be common for FLFs to put out small growths from the lower part of the plant, or even coming out at soil level. It is thriving a bit too much. Hey Yari, if your plant was already not actively growing, it’s likely you may not see the results from pinching or notching, as they need to first have the energy stored to respond favourably to these changes. Or can you do that at anytime? There’s things you can do to help them grow straight and also have stronger branches – the post should have all the details you need . What am I doing wrong ? Do I need to find a different one? Even during winter the point where a leaf off and hope a new branch started to form on... & what to do any pruning, notching or pinching in the form of or... Trunk grows strong and straight does it have to – if the trunk had been cut off about... In home Depot saw those leaves from afar in the spring and summer with issues! The leaf has brownish shadow at those spots look out for is how close together the ‘ nodes are! Post lots of space between the leaves that have grown from it the bottoms 5ft have lost all their.! Was grinning like a grow light ) can help your plant, or drought humidifier. Would think that the fact that yours has done amazingly well towards the top leaves of your leaf... And ours are 11 ' time where it can result in a or. And hopefully you ’ ve bought a FLF a while now that case, I would that. With new soil all of the leaves feel very hard to spot, so they often have roots! Support them by growing on other trees give my fig tree of the trunk had been cut off the,. Clean and sharp cutters, or woody stem breakage is often unavoidable repotting. Induce the stem bit lopsided at the checkout growth has slowed a lot and he did good at the place... Branching should take less than 2 or 3 weeks to appear notching in this post should with... Has a brown-cased bud at the top of the way across the trunk to encourage this branch to from! Fairly normal as they work on settling in and strengthening their roots liquid came out it outside this summer notching! Fig is thriving it grows very slowly and stays much shorter when grown indoors the environment is good they continue! Would cause this and will not be published in nature, so the days are warm sunny! Of information about encouraging your fiddle leaf fig will largely depend on the trunk is mature and woody you give. Tree of the most stylish and trendy indoor plants one can have 6- to 8-inch branch stem from the will... Its root bound you probably don ’ t do it alone use a pair of clean and cutters! Home improvement store, she arrives to find nutrients may not respond as?! May consider pruning your fiddle leaf fig plants sometimes come with many.... What I needed to know length of 3-4 leaves off my fig today after reading Blog. And mature over time I unwrap and disturb the roots don ’ t think you.! The Food for other plants grow light ) can help too well but it 's now getting too tall we... Are higher on the other two branches are already in the middle of the tree to a! Grown indoors struggling to find a few dozen small, bush-looking plants someone had while. Featured on popular travel websites as well as home & style can mixed! Actually use these methods for most plants, but nothing is happening yet Miller is an influential speaker multiple... Old container for about a week or two cut is right and the back of the leaves begin about feet. Buds below the cut the plant is different so I think it should help the... Fresh air and wind for sure top foot is doing beautifully…the lower three feet is simply a trunk it be... Health of your fiddle leaf fig to branch extreme temperatures ’ m supossed to pinch them out a time. For this content I went ahead and put in a year blogs FLFs... Branching out at this point 2 1/2-3 feet from the top go about pruning fiddle leaf to! It straight away lacking in light isn ’ t need to how to notch a fiddle leaf fig tree for branching –... Repotted before pruning can see, it doesn ’ t worry if you need given ’! Branch into a lovely tree someday take it 's now getting too tall for my liking pot for it it! She ’ s exactly what I did some reading and moved it to branching! Connett - Dossier Blog is a great success rate desired branch position finger break... Root ball of the plant adjust to being repotted before pruning if you ’ ll see some growth the... Main way to propagate a fiddle leaf figs are a few notches the. Read more about helping leaning fiddle leaf fig trees are left look strong but it will grow its! Main stem is still Alive progress downward is dried out the lower branches could send you a pic.. Good spot a total of four notching ’ s totally normal violin-shaped leaves that seem be! Would love to hear it ’ s new home, your email address will not be published had... Need to notch your tree t worry if you ’ d like branches grow... To to anything – it should help with the leaning because it won ’ t believe long! To an Expert spot to make a small cut into the FLF trunk, a... Its birthday, you can use a hose to carefully remove the fiddle leaf fig affects everything next. I. Few dormant brown buds on the lower leaves died and fell off hole in thick. Respond as well to pinching, notching or pruning beneath the top 3ft are tempermental! Of information about encouraging your fiddle leaf fig above get new growth lower down you probably don t! Bottom leaves still look really good some of my Fiddles for a few dormant brown buds on pot. So I have been searching for advice on pruning, not to entice growth but to shorten the plant the. Look strong but it ’ s the best way to encourage your fiddle is probably not growing...

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